SMIT: The interim dividend payment

Dividend payment / Omitted dividend payment

Subject                                   : Cash dividend payment
Date of Board resolution                   : 11-Aug-2021
Type of dividend payment                  : Cash dividend payment
Record date for the right to receive      : 27-Aug-2021
dividends (Update)
Ex-dividend date (Update)                  : 26-Aug-2021
Payment for                               : Common shareholders
Cash dividend payment (baht per share)   : 0.14
Derived from profit under non-BOI         : 0.101
privilege (baht per share)
Derived from profit under BOI privilege   : 0.039
(baht per share)
Par value (baht)                          : 1.00
Payment date                             : 10-Sep-2021
Paid from                                 : Operating period from 01-Jan-2021 to 30-Jun-2021


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